Juste beer it !


Fresh Geoffrey,

your home

butler droid

Your own private butler droid to serve you whenever the whim takes you. Have draft beers and cool wine always on hand with your smart companion


A beer whenever wherever

No need to get up, you call him, and here he is, with a cold beer and an aperitif served on demand

Cold beer

Refrigerated cooler with draught chilled beer


Cool wine


Two compartments to keep wine and champagne bottles at desired temperatures


Just beer it !

Glass refresher


Device that rinses glasses with pressurized water


All your aperitifs on hand

Aperitif biscuits, peanuts, tapas, cheeses come to you

Smart, Safe & Autonomous


Fresh Geoffrey is the perfect companion to fully enjoy your evenings and parties



Fresh Geoffrey

46 000 Cahors - France

69 000 Lyon - France


+33 (0)6 64 13 75 47

+33 (0)6 62 23 20 56



Web site



Your buttler droid maps your house and knows how to find you. He waits for your order from his base and in a few seconds he joins you to serve you

Beer, but also ...

Two compartments for carrying cool bottles, several bowls for appetizers and even enough to carry glasses


Compatible with beer barrels

The droide houses the beer barrels and keeps them at the ideal temperature.

In action !

Did you know that you can privately enjoy your favorite TV show by drinking a cold beer or a soda without missing a single second of the show? Did you know that you can enjoy your friends and have a drink together without moving from your couch? The Fresh Geoffrey, our butler droid, will do the job for you and bring bottles and glasses to you. It is able to go to the fridge and come to you with what you asked for.

Our new robot is designed for everyone: alone, with friends, family, in a relationship... For every situation: watching TV, talking, celebrating… and whenever you want. The Fresh Geoffrey is never tired and is always ready to help. It's your private butler and it will fit your personal needs.

The Fresh Geoffrey can bring up to 2 bottles, 2 glasses and a cup of potato chips if you like. More precisely, it has 2 refrigerated coolers for the bottles and can cool the glasses with pressurized water. Easy to use, just ask.

Now everyone can enjoy uninterrupted TV show or conversation with The Fresh Geoffrey.

The Fresh Geoffrey is a brand new French innovation launched especially for the CES 2019. Our butler is unique in the world.